Ceiling Systems and Wall Panels

Continental Flooring offers a variety of commercial ceiling tiles and suspensions systems through Armstrong Ceilings as well as acoustical wall panels. We work with a variety of segments in Arizona, from schools to hospitals! Our ceiling products are available via Material Only Orders on contract, formal bids, RFQs, or Open Market requirements. We offer competitive pricing for Arizona government customers throughout the entire state.

Variety of Benefits for Ceiling Systems

The right ceilings can add a variety of functional benefits for your facility such as improving air quality and noise proofing your rooms with acoustical properties.

Using a robust ceiling system can create a better environment for your people, whether it’s a private room or for an area with a high volume of traffic. Continental Flooring offers ceiling tiles that are washable, durable, sag resistant, moisture resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to maintain!

Our most popular ceiling products from Armstrong Ceilings includes Tectum, HumiGuard, Ultima, AcoustiBuilt, and many more on Cooperative Contracts and Open Market Pricing!

With over 40 years of experience in the public sector, Continental Flooring can find the right ceilings for you. 

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Commercial Armstrong Ceiling Tile

Improve Your Acoustics With Our Wall Panels

Are you looking for another way to eliminate noise in your space? Acoustic Wall Panels are a great way to help diffuse and absorb unwanted sound and improve vocal clarity.

Continental Flooring offers a variety of acoustical solutions through Armstrong Ceilings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for any facility.

These panels have an NRC rating, also known as Noise Reduction Coefficient. The NRC Rating ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 being the total lack of sound absorption, and 1 being a complete absorption of all sounds.

We offer Armstrong Ceilings’ premier product lineup of acoustic wall panels including SOUNDSCAPES, SOUNDSOAK, TECTUM, METALWORKS, and other options on Cooperative Contact and Open Market Pricing. 

We can help find the right wall panels for you today!

Armstrong Ceilings WOODWORKS

We hope you have a basic understanding of who we are and what we do. Please feel free to contact us for product advice, free samples, assistance in specifications, or to place an order. We welcome contract purchases, formal bids, RFQs or Open Market requirements. One call will do it all!

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